Order of Yellow Dogs

I decided to go through some things that belonged to my grandfather today.  I found two membership cards to Order of Yellow Dogs.  At first I thought this must be some kind of joke.  But why would he have kept these cards since 1924 and 1925.  He died in 1980.  I Googled Order of Yellow Dogs.  I found out was a legitimate lodge.  I could not find much information about them.  I never heard of them, and he never talked about it that I remember.  If anyone out there knows about the Order of Yellow dogs, please enlighten me.

10 thoughts on “Order of Yellow Dogs

  1. My friend’s Father was a member of ORDER OF YELLOW DOGS. His father lived in Santa Maria Ca .He passed away in 2004. He does not remember much about the club except … His father loved it ! He would love to know more. Please send me any information you might have. Thank You.

  2. I was going through my dad’s things and found his life membership in the Order of Yellow Dogs. He died in 1969 and I never remember my mom saying anything about it. Still have no clue what it is.

  3. Order of the yellow dog is a degree in Freemasonary. He was most likely a free mason . Once a master mason you can join rites such as the Shriners or York or Scottish . The yellow dog is not a traditional degree but one more for fun

  4. Funny I run across this. I was just Googled to see if there were still around. I am a member since 1982. Aaron, No the Order of the Yellow Dogs is not a degree in the Free Masons. There is a Yellow Dog degree, however that is not the same as the Order of The Yellow Dogs. It is a secret order that is or was male only club that without divulging the secrecy that I am have sworn to keep, can only say that we had gathering that was a day for us to get away and relax from the nagging wife and wining kids.

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  6. Wow, came across my card cleaning out old stuff. I was/am a full fledged dog and was weened from my pup-hood on a farm in N. Virginia. Guess that means i hail from the Wash D.C kennel, this was back in 1982 or so. Rob is correct, it was a day spent with the boys doing guy things like football, horseshoes and enjoying the brew. No women were allowed. Mostly telling lies and enjoying the day. Would like to know if anyone else hails from the dc kennel and if it even still meets. On the day of the meeting, you would see guys headed ur way as they had their pups hanging out of the car windows howling, you would stop for gas and some poor pup would be on a leash being walked in the grass on all fours..car tag may be from penn, ny, maryland like us, or nj. At the once a year meeting at the farm there could be 300-400 guys. Never a problem, just good times.

    • Thanks so much for the information. I never could find any information on Order of the Yellow Dogs. It is hard to picture my grandfather doing the things like you describe, but then again maybe I can picture it.

    • Hey Greg. I too was or am a member of the Yellow Dogs from N. VA area and so was my brother Jeff. I don’t believe it still exists but it was a lot of fun back in the day. I seriously doubt we could get away with that kind of stuff today since our society has become so PC. Wishing all Yellow Dogs well and thanks for the memories!

  7. I just found my grandfather’s card. He was a member of the Sacred Order of Yellow Dogs, Northampton, Kennel, in Massachusetts. The card is from 1939. From the stories I hear about my grandmother, I can believe that he welcomed a place to go where he could open his collar and relax a bit. She apparently was “the one who must be obeyed.”

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