Workday Wednesday: The Dispatcher

Grandpa worked for Texaco, first as a truck driver and then as a dispatcher.  He started there before WWI.  He went into the Army during WWI and returned to Texaco after the war.  He retired from Texaco in 1963.  I wonder if anyone stays at a company that long anymore.  Below is a picture of him at his desk.  Look how neat it looks!  That was my Grandfather everything had a place.  The photo isn’t dated but I’m guessing it is the late 40’s or early 50’s.  We know the time was 3:55 (I’m assuming it is PM) by the clock on the wall.  I wonder what all those slots contained.  It looks like a CD rack.  I also wonder what his day was like from start to finish, but I’ll never know now.  I don’t remember him talking very much about his work.  It’s good to see him young and healthy in this picture.  Grandpa died when he was 84 and had Alzheimer’s Disease.  One of the last times we visited him in the nursing home, he thought my husband was someone he worked with at Texaco.  He asked him how things were at the plant.  We just played along with him because there was nothing else we could do.  The last time I saw him was the night before he died and he was curled up in the fetal position unaware that we there.  So I like this picture because this is the way I’d like to remember Grandpa.

3 thoughts on “Workday Wednesday: The Dispatcher

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