Use your local genealogy society for your research

Last Tuesday night, I attended the Lake County (IL) Genealogy Society Meeting.  Genealogy Societies usually have a speakers on various topics at their meetings.  There is always an opportunity to learn more about genealogy.  Last Tuesday’s speaker was Sarah A. V. Kirby.  She talked about finding archives using the Internet.  I found it interesting and hope it will help me in my research.  Also it is always fun to talk to others who have the same interest as you do.  A good place to network with others and learn from each other.

On Monday, I visited the Lake County (IL) Genealogy Society Library.  I was impressed with all the items they have in their library.  The volunteer on duty was very helpful and showed me around the library.  I don’t have any direct ancestors from Lake County, but I do have some 2nd cousins.  I found a picture of one cousin in a 1961 yearbook from Grant High School in Fox Lake, IL.  I have lost track of her and have not seen her since I was in about in 6th or 7th grade.  I didn’t even remember what she looked like until I saw the picture.  Even if you don’t have Lake County Ancestors there are plenty of other items of interest and books from other Illinois counties and other states.  So I can’t say this enough, use your local genealogy society and join the ones where your ancestor’s lived too.  I have used the LaSalle County IL Genealogy Guild library extensively to research my ancestors from LaSalle County, IL.  Make it a point to attend a genealogy society meeting soon!

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