Love from France

This weeks 52 Ancestors in 52 weeks topic is Valentines.  

Below is a card sent to my Grandmother, Helen Desens, by my Grandfather, George Manfroid, from France during WWI.  He went there in 1918 and came home in January 1919 so I assume the card was sent sometime in 1918.  I don’t think it was sent for Valentines Day.  They got married shortly after he came home in 1919.  I love this card.  It is so pretty and delicate.

Valentine one

This is the front and the flap opens and there is a clover inside and a small card.  I don’t know if the clover was originally a four-leaf clover because it is crumbling.  

Valentine two

Here it is with the flap open and you can see the clover and the small card.

Valentine three

This is the small card.

Valentine four

As you can see the card is a post card.  He must have mailed it in an envelope because there is no writing on the card.  It seems too delicate to send as post card.

He also sent another one that says “Souvenir de France”.

Souvenir de France

The flap opens on this one too and there is a small card inside.

Souvenir de France two

The small card.

Souvenir de France (2)

The back of the Souvenir de France card.

And finally here are Grandpa and Grandma

Grandpa Manfroid      img005 (2)

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