Thankful for Carrie


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52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks This Thursday is Thanksgiving in the U.S. What or who are you thankful for finding in your genealogy research?

The genealogy person that I am thankful for is Carrie Schwarz.  Carrie is married to my husband’s second cousin George Schwarz.  Many years ago when I was just starting out on my genealogy journey and trying to get information on my husband’s side, I connected with Carrie.  Originally Carrie wrote to my husband’s brother, Harry, asking for information on the Grunst side.  One day Harry mentioned corresponding with a lady in Pennsylvania about the Grunst Family, and he showed me her letter. I asked if I could have her address and he gave it to me.  I wrote her a letter and she responded. Carrie had done some work on her husband’s side of the family and was more than willing to share the information with me.  Her husband’s Grandmother, Albertine Grunst, is my husband’s Grandfather, Albert Grunst’s, sister. My first letter from Carrie was in February 1979 and we corresponded regularly over the years. Our correspondence not only contained genealogical information, but also personal and current family information.  Carrie became a friend although we have never actually met. So it was through her that I learned about the Grunst side of my husband’s family.  I haven’t heard from Carrie in a couple of years now.  She is in her 90’s so I hope she is OK.  Her husband, George, died in 2011.   Today I want to say, thank-you Carrie for sharing the Grunst Family information with me, for your heart-warming letters, and for being a friend.