Christmas Family Portrait 1948

Everyday until Christmas, I am going to try to post a picture from a past family Christmas. 

Christmas 1948 Family

Christmas 1948 Family picture

The picture was taken on Christmas Eve 1948 in my parents apartment.  On the left is my grandmother holding a doll, Fran my grandmother’s sister is next to her, my mother is in the kitchen doorway, I am next to my mother, Pat (Fran’s daughter) is front left, my Uncle Russ, and Grandpa.  I assume my father is taking the picture since he is missing.  I always like looking at the background in these old pictures.  In this one you can see a little into the kitchen.  There is an old stove with a kettle sitting on a burner.  The stove has a shelf and on the self is a clock and two coffee carafes.  I remember that kitchen was very small, and there was a small table that fit the three of us. Notice the knick-knack shelf on the wall.  I think my mother had that one and others in all of her houses until the day she died.  I know my grandmother did.  I don’t see them anymore, but they were kind of nice for displaying items.  I know I am always looking for shelf space to display things.  A few of those around would help.  The knick-Knack shelves now are plain square boxes. I love to see how styles of furniture, kitchen appliances, clothes, and hair styles change over the years.  The trees were always real with the bigger lights and tinsel.


Lovingly to Helen

Frances Bowers Beck

Frances Bowers

This is my grandmother’s sister Frances.  She signed the picture “Lovingly To Helen Frank.”  In my last post, I posted a picture of my grandmother and she signed her picture, “Yours to a turn, H. B.”  I had a lot of discussion about the “Yours to a turn” part with many people.  At least Frances signed with something that I understand.  Now I am wondering if my grandmother and her sister exchanged pictures.  They were very close to each other and both pictures are from the same time period.   I like her outfit, and wonder if she made it as she was a wonderful seamstress.   Maybe her mother made the hat as she was milliner.

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