Christmas 1948 Opening Presents

Everyday until Christmas, I am going to try to post a picture from a past family Christmas. 

Openng Christmas Presents 1947

Openng Christmas Presents 1948

This is the family opening their presents in 1948.  What a mess!  It looks like our typical Christmas.  One habit that the family had was every one opened their presents at the same time.  No one could see what the others received nor see their reaction to the present.  After I married, I suggested that we open them one person at a time.  For a few  years we drew names to see who would go first, second and so forth.  After the kids came along they went first and then we went by age.  Oldest was the last one.  On the left is my father, and grandmother.  My mother is sitting in front of the tree with a sweater in her hand.  Grandpa is in the corner chair holding up something that looks like it could be a pair of pants. On the right is my grandmother’s sister, Frances, and  her daughter Pat. You can see my play pen in the picture.  Missing from the picture is my Uncle Russ so he is probably taking the picture.

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On this day 121 years ago


Grandma and me

Grandma Kaiser and Gail

On this day one hundred and twenty-one years ago Helen Bowers (my grandmother) was born in Ottawa, LaSalle, Illinois.  Here she is pictured with me in August of 1948.  The picture was taken in my grandparent’s front yard and neighbor girl can be seen in the background. I tried to find a picture of her taken on her birthday, but could not find one.  I noticed that most of the family photos from that time period were taken outdoors.  I remember celebrating many birthdays with Grandma and the family on December 3.   I was very close to my grandmother until passed away when I was 34 years old.  That is many many years ago now, but I still miss her.  I miss our conversations, her cooking, and her hugs.   I can still feel her undying love for me.  Never ever was there a doubt in my mind about her love.  I can only hope that I passed that on to my family.  She taught me so much about life and God.  I am grateful for all she taught me and for her love.  I can remember her touch, her soft skin, her voice, and her face as if I saw her yesterday.  Happy Birthday in heaven, Grandma!  Love and miss you!

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