Christmas 1940

From now until Christmas, I am going to try to post a picture from past family Christmas’ each day. 

Russ and family Christmas 1940

Fred. Dorothy, Russ, and Helen Christmas 1940

I love this picture of my grandparents, mother, uncle, and their dog.  My grandfather is sitting in a wicker chair with a glass of wine.  My mom is sitting on the floor next to him barely visible, and my uncle is sitting on the floor with the dog.  My grandmother is next to my uncle on floor. I noticed the crochet pillow on the sofa.  My grandmother made afghans with crochet squares like the ones on the pillows.  The sofa was a wedding present to my grandparents from my grandfather’s parents and there was a chair that matched.  The sofa and chair lasted 57 years and was reupholstered twice during those years.  It was still in good shape when they had to sell their house and go to a nursing home.  I also noticed the plants in the window.  She always had lots of plants in her front windows.  The Christmas tree is in the corner and I notice that in addition to the electric lights there are candles.  One looks like it very close to the curtains.  In this picture my grandfather is 44, my grandmother 42, my mom 16, and my uncle is nine years old.

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