Buster’s First Car

Russ and his first car 1936

Russ (Buster) and his first car

This is a picture of my Uncle Russ in 1936 with his first car.  Seeing this picture started me thinking about my uncle and his cars.  He loved convertibles and had several throughout his life.  His first convertible was the best.  It was a red and white 1957 Ford Fairlane 500 Skyliner hardtop-convertible.  I remember the day, he bought it.  My father and I went to the dealership with him.   I don’t think he went in with the intention of buying it.  He just wanted to buy a car.  The salesman showed us this red and white hardtop-convertible.  When I saw it, I immediately wanted him to buy it.  We sat there for what seemed like an eternity to a 10 year old, while he thought it over.  I kept thinking what is the problem? Just buy it!  I don’t know how much time really past, but my father did say that it took him a long time to decide.  It was a very unique car and drew attention wherever you went.  I remember that you had to be on a flat even surface for the top to go up or down.  If it suddenly started to rain, you had to drive to a level spot to put the top up.  Sounds easy, but it wasn’t always easy to find a level spot.  The slightest incline and it would not go up.


From: Bristol Courier News, Bristal Pennsylvania, December20, 1956

I found this ad in the NewspaperAchives.com.  I tried to find a picture of his car, but I couldn’t find one.  I can’t believe no one ever took a picture of it.  At the time everyone was into slides and unfortunately the slides were left in an attic in Arizona when my uncle moved.  So maybe that is why I have no photos of it.  For those who are too young to remember, I provided a link below.

1957 Ford hardtop convertable

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