School Days

Every year it seems the kids start school earlier and earlier.  Now they start in the middle of August.  When I was in school, we started after Labor Day.  September meant back to school with new school supplies, new dresses, and new shoes.  I was always sad that the summer was over, but I always had  high hopes for the coming school year.  It was good to be back and see classmates that I did not see all summer.  Then there was the anticipation of a new teacher.  One I may have heard about from kids that were a year ahead, but was new to me.  Depending on what I heard, it could be kind of scary.  

Back to school time has me thinking about my ancestor’s and their schooling.  My paternal grandmother went to a Lutheran School.  One time I went to the church to look up records.  It was a weekday and they walked me through the school to the church office.  While walking through the school, I thought to myself, I am walking where my grandmother walked.  The school looked old, and I don’t think it changed all that much since she went there.  I never knew my grandmother, and while walking through the halls, I felt especially close to her.  

I have also played on a school playground where a great-aunt taught school, only I didn’t know it at the time.  I have since gone back and walked around the outside of the school and thought about her and what she may have been like as a teacher.  I have already written about her Bowers Family History 1757 – 1955 Part 6 .

I haven’t seen any class pictures in years.  I don’t know if they still do them like they use to do, so here is a sample from the past.


My father’s class (I’m guessing maybe 2nd grade) about 1926.  Dad is in first row on right 3rd one from front.


Mom’s six grade class (about 1936) Mom is 2nd row 1st from left.

My first second grade class_NEW

My Second Grade Class 1955.  I am in the second row 5th from the left.

I’d like to note that I am in touch with several of my classmates through Facebook and a couple outside of Facebook and one that has been a life long friend.  We met in first grade that is now 65 years ago, and we are still going strong.  

This weeks 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks topic is school.

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