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The topic this week for 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks is lucky.  “Do you have an ancestor who was lucky at something? Lucky to be alive? Lucky at cards? Lucky in love? Maybe you have an ancestor with a name that reminds you of luck or fortune. There’s always “luck of the Irish.” Maybe you have a story of how luck played a role in finding an ancestor.”

I have racked my brain trying to come up with a lucky ancestor.  So instead of a lucky ancestor, I decided that I would write about my luck that my grandmother kept good records.  My grandmother kept a date book and sometimes she made comments on the pages.  Her dates are mostly correct, and I love her comments.  This datebook has helped me find her parents, grandparents, and cousins.  Plus my grandfather’s family.

Here are some excerpts from the Date book.

 Inscribed inside:

“To Mother on her birthday Dec. 3rd 1944, With Love, Dot.” 

Jan 1 — Charles Steinhauser 1898 – Fred’s cousin on his mother’s side Aunt Barbara’s son.  Died in 1962.

Jan 2 – Dear Brother Ralph C. Bowers born June 18, 1897 in Chicago, Illinois.  Died on January 5th 1963 after having a stroke on January 2, 1963.  Had heart attack a year or so before.

Jan 4 — Gregory August born on this day – Gail and Bruce’s child weighed in over 8lbs.  One wonderful boy!

Jan 6 – Grandpa Kaiser died on this date in 1933.  He was a kind person and we were sorry to see him go.  69 years old – Rudolph Kaiser

Jan 20 – Grandma Reinhardt – Anna Maria’s Birthdate.  Died June 11, 1910 (nee Schweppler).

Feb 10 – Aunt Elizabeth Louise — Born in South Amana, Iowa 1881.  Aunt Liz passed away Aug 5th 1966 5:20 PM on Friday.  Buried in Ottawa on Aug 9th 1966

Feb 14 – Born Eva Fredericka Reinhardt Feb 4, 1877 Nussellock Germany – Died Dec 23, 1941.

Feb 20 – 1971 Abigail Helen married Bruce A at Calvary U. M. Church at 5pm. In a candlelight service that was beautiful.  May god keep and bless them always.

March 17 –Julius Reinhardt – Cousin – In service 1945

March 28 – Mark Lynn Reinhardt – Cousin – In the Marines, some place in the South Pacific 1945.

April 3 – Our baby Richard was born on this date in 1930. Lived just 11 days.  Premature by two and half months.

April 5 – Birthdate of my father and also Fred’s father.  Robert Bowers. Rudolph Kaiser.

June 11 – Our third baby boy (still born) on this date in 1933.  Very Premature.

July 1 – Birthday of our daughter Dorothy La Von 1924  Born Tuesday 10:35 pm.  Grant Hospital – Chicago, Illinois 6lbs 5 oz.

July 12 – Ronnie’s birthday 1955.  May god guide him in all ways.

July 14 – And they did it.  Dot and George were married here at home at 5:00pm on Saturday by Pastor Beigner of Elmhurst.  Their attendants were Joe and Velma Mitchell a very dear couple.  Guests were Fran and Pat, Ralph and Helen, Liz and Tim, Mr. and Mrs. Manfroid, Mr. and Mrs. Beischer, and Donnie.  Eighteen in all.  And a nice time was had by all.

July 16 – Our anniversary.  Fred and I were married on this day in 1923.  Dr. Fred M. Doyle gave me away.  By Pastor A. Meyer.  Went to Wisconsin Dells for honeymoon.

Oct 9 – Our second great-grandson born at Delnor Hospital this day.  Weighed in at 7 lbs.  Brian Andrew to our dear granddaughter and her good husband.  May god continue to bless all four of them always. First great grandson Gregory A.

Dec 16 – Mother suffered stroke on this day in 1941 and passed away one week later.  Terrible, terrible day.

Dec 17 – Birthday of Grandma Kaiser (Wilhelmina Springer) Fred’s mother.

Dec 23—Mother passed away at the Columbus Hospital at about 1:30 pm on Tuesday 1941.  Can’t begin to say how much I miss her.

As you can see this is a goldmine of information for a genealogist.  She identifies people for example she said Mark Reinhardt – Cousin.  She writes when her mother was born and where.  She also writes when her mother died, in what hospital she died in, the time, and year.  She writes about two premature babies she had that died.  I left a lot out and only wrote a few entries to show how she kept records.  I feel very, very lucky to have inherited this book.  I have used it a lot over the years.  She left other items to me also such as letters, cards, post cards, document, etc.  I wish I had such items from all sides of my family tree.  Thank-you Grandma, and I think you would love some of the information I have gathered on your family over the years. 

Copyright © 2018 Gail Grunst

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