Tombstone Tuesday: Which Eliza is this?

This tombstone is in St. Clement Church Cemetery in Terrington-St Clement, Norfolk, England.  It belongs to Eliza Bowers.  The rest of  it is unreadable from the picture so I don’t know the dates.  Eliza Bowers my great-great-great grandmother had a daughter Eliza.  So I’m not sure which Eliza this belongs to.

Eliza the daughter was born on June 18, 1827 and died on June 21, 1827.  She only lived 3 days.  Would they have given her such a big tombstone?  Eliza the mother died January 22, 1831.  I believe the tombstone most likely belongs to Eliza the elder.  It looks like the word Wife might be on there but can’t quite make all of it out.

A photographer friend of my son took this picture for us.  He lives in England and was photographing Churches so took this for us.  The picture of the church can be seen on my Gail Grunst Genealogy Facebook page at

3 thoughts on “Tombstone Tuesday: Which Eliza is this?

  1. If you enlarge the photo and make it a negative, it appears to have a date a small way under the last name in small characters that may have a number 96 in it, or looks that way to me.

  2. Would a death cert of the time list the burial location? the cemetery/church records list “the Eliza” of your interest? I this is the Eliza Sr is she buried beside husband? or family/children?

    • I have been through the church records, that is how I know both Eliza’s are buried there. It does not give a location within the cemetery. Her husband came to the United States and died in New York and is buried there. Most of the graves around it are also unreadable. The photographer could read anymore then is seen on the the pictures. Actually I had the picture before I went through the Church records. After seeing that it said Eliza, I ordered the microfilm from the Family History Library in Utah. I went though every Bowers in the church records. They are all related one way or another. Maybe someday I’ll get to England and be able to have a look for myself.

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